Apr 21

In my opinion, there’s a limit on breast size. Once they get to a certain point, they are no longer attractive and just become a freak show. The nipples look like McDonalds hot cakes, and they are full of veins and have that weird browning of the skin that you often see between the legs of morbidly obese people.

If you want to see a darky that just falls below my threshhold of TOO BIG, then meet Vanessa Del. Click her pic to check out some movies of her stripping out of her fishnets.

To me she has the biggest tits possible without being too big. Keep in mind, they are still fucking massive, but I feel that the pleasure you could have with them far outweighs the negatives that come with such massive meat melons. You could titty-fuck them, suck on them like bags of milk, or use them as dirty pillows.

To see more of Vanessa Del’s giant black tits, visit her site at:



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