Aug 9

I like looking at pictures of amateur black whores because I know these are the type of sluts that I’ll probably pick up at the local fried chicken eatery, watermelon stand, or sleazy club where the smell of sweat almost overwhelms you. They are more than attainable, they are a certainty. But I get off on that.

Want an example of what I am talking about? How about Mone Divine.

Yes, I said her name is Mone Divine. What kind of a dumb ass name is that? But I love it. The more obscure and ghetto the name, the more I enjoy watching them suck on my lily white schlong. She’s the type with lighter skin…. I guess you could say she is a high steppin’ yellow.

She’s not a porn star or model, just some black amateur whore that likes to suck on cock.

Click her pic to watch Mone suck on white pole.

In my experience black women are the best at giving blowjobs. It’s just plain old physics. Look at the size of their lips. They are basically designed for sucking cock.

If you love looking at black amateur sluts sucking on wang like they are trying to suck start a Harley Davidson, then you owe it to yourself to visit:

They have a whole collection of black amateur whores that like to give head. Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting more black amateurs in the near future.

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