Nov 10

Sasha and Antonio

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Sasha is a lusty African amateur that seems like she's always in the mood for a fuck and a half, and today she's giving Antonio more than he bargained for. Instead of just giving up her pussy like no one's business, she's going to go ahead and give him a titty fuck to end all titty fucks. This guy is going to be busting a nut in no time, because her succulent sweet titties are just big enough to completely wrap around the dick. It's a hot scene that will leave you weak at the knees and wanting to take a long, cold shower to get calmed down with.

Nov 5

Angela and Antonio

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Angela gets picked up by Antonio during his African fuck tour, and he wants to make sure that this saucy treat gets fucked right there and then. The closest place for a fuck is the bathroom, so he doesn't even let her get out of it before he start shoving his dick at her face. It gets even better and nastier from there, however - Angela ends up having to kneel on the toilet and offer up her perfect black ass. Antonio does her doggy style on the toilet, pounding away without a care in the world.

Nov 3

Sandy and Antonio

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Sandy is having a long nap when this scene starts, and Antonio starts to fondle her nice and slow. Her gorgeous skin is smooth and beautiful, with a perfect chocolate color. She has a perfectly curvy body, and her legs go on forever. Before long she is waking up and treating Antonio with the best blowjob of his life. It's a wonder that he doesn't just bust a nut in her face when she starts sucking on that dick. He manages to contain himself and move on to slamming his dick inside her chocolate pussy.

Oct 29

Sasha and Antonio

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Sasha is a petite African amateur that has some of the sweetest natural tits you've ever seen. They are a perfect chocolate color that will have you licking them all day and night, and that's exactly what Antonio intends on doing. He starts messing around with her tits, pushing her shirt open and playing with those delicious titties. Of course he wants to see if she can impress with the rest of her body too. She opens up her mouth and starts sucking at that dick, getting as intense as possible with the dick sucking and fucking.

Oct 27

Tiny and Antonio

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Tiny is a super petite African amateur who has never been on camera before - and you can tell that she's thrilled to be there. There is nothing quite like seeing this slender African babe taking on some interracial attention from Antonio. It turns out that Antonio is fucking his way across Africa and Tiny is his latest and greatest conquest. Her pussy is thrilled at all of the attention, and this black girl is wetter than she has ever been. You just have to check this shit out as she's getting down and dirty.

Oct 22

Sajeda, Jane and Antonio

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If there's one thing that you really don't see all that often in hardcore porn, it's interracial porn featuring women from Africa. Sure there's plenty of black porn around, but usually that features African Americans and not Africans themselves. If you're looking to indulge in some amateur Africans, you'll find it today with Sajeda and Jane. These two are all over each other and then those pussies are given up for Antonio to taste. He pounds at these sweet black pussies, seeing just how wild they get with this hardcore dicking.

Oct 20

Jennifer and Antonio

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To a perverted lover of African pussy like Caucasian sex tourist Antonio, voluptuous and extremely exotic dark skinned horny Jennifer represents the ultimate temptation. When she offers herself to him in a dark and shady bar, he can't resist; look at the way that her natural tits are spilling out of her leopardskin top! Back at the crib, money changes hands and then Jennifer gets down and dirty on the surprisingly large white penis. She is obviously pleasantly surprised to be dealing with such an impressive piece of man tackle in this hot fuck clip! Her body looks divine as Antonio deep strokes her pussy from the back with no condom.

Oct 15

Sajeda and Antonio

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Antonio has a big dick and a thirst for sexy African women that can't be quenched. He travels through Africa, meeting and fucking sweet deep chocolate babes. Sejeda is beautiful and slim, her perky little tits have tan lines on them and her ass is perky and tight. With the noise from traffic blaring outside Antonio gets busy inside by waking Sajeda for a little morning delight. She eagerly sucks on his milky white dick before letting it slide within her wet tunnel of love. Even with the traffic, you can hear her gasp in delight.

Oct 13

Diamond and Antonio

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Stunt cock Antonio is actually in Africa touring the country and finding sexy, horny, gorgeous African women to fuck. These African chicks are just loving his rock hard dick. Within moments dark and lovely Diamond is on her knees sucking on his vanilla rod before he opens up her blouse and sucks on her deep dark chocolate tits. Her slim body sports a perfect little ass that gets oiled up and beckons Antonio to take her from behind. Antonio has no issue with sticking his dick deep inside this pink pussy.

Oct 8

Shantell and Antonio

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If you like them black then Shantell and her gorgeous tight body is for you. Antonio, the lucky stud, gets to enjoy her. She likes the cock and enjoys swallowing big hard rods. After the blow job, he takes her from behind by slamming her tight little pussy deep and hard with his swollen ram. She moans out in pleasure as he continues to pleasure her womanhood with his wood. She mounts his rigid pole for the ride of her life. Her body quickly takes up a lustful rhythm that has her gasping in orgasm. Ready to explode he rubs it off all over her chest.