May 23

I have no idea who this slutty-looking young thing is, but she does have an amazing black ass.

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Apr 21

The best thing about black women are their giant asses. They can use them to set drinks on, get them swinging so hard they can drive a nail with them, or even smother a person with their giant black cheeks. is a site dedicated to giant black booties. Watch as these black bitches do the Booty Clap and shake their giant asses in the air, then take a hard cock right up inside their pink pussies until they squeeze all the cum out of it.

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Apr 21

Now here is a guy after my own job. He calls himself Antonio Bandares, and he travels around the slummiest parts of Africa to shoot some of the hottest tribeswomen the dark continent has to offer. He calls it his AfricanFuckTour.

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Jan 2

Even though she now resides in the UK, make no mistake…Veronique is of pure African blood.

Couldn’t you just picture her running through the jungle with a spear and one of those big plates in her bottom lip?

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Dec 8

Black girls always have the most amazing giant asses. I’ve literally seen some black girls with asses so big you could set a bottle of Colt45 on it when they were standing up and that sucker wouldn’t tip over.

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Aug 9

I like looking at pictures of amateur black whores because I know these are the type of sluts that I’ll probably pick up at the local fried chicken eatery, watermelon stand, or sleazy club where the smell of sweat almost overwhelms you. They are more than attainable, they are a certainty. But I get off on that.

Want an example of what I am talking about? How about Mone Divine.

Yes, I said her name is Mone Divine. What kind of a dumb ass name is that? But I love it. The more obscure and ghetto the name, the more I enjoy watching them suck on my lily white schlong. She’s the type with lighter skin…. I guess you could say she is a high steppin’ yellow.

She’s not a porn star or model, just some black amateur whore that likes to suck on cock.

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May 25

Joi Ryda… What kind of a name is that? Oh, now I get it. What a clever pun. Tee hee.

Joi Ryda is something of an anomoly. At first glance, she might appear to be white, since her skin is not that dark, plus she often has long, blondish hair. But upon closer inspection, you begin to notice the nubian features…the big lips, big nostrils, and most importantly….


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May 4

I generally prefer a black woman that looks like they just stepped out of a grass hut in Africa.

I’m talking skin as black as the ace of spades and giant nipples the size of saucers. These are commonly called PANCAKE NIPPLES.

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Apr 21

In my opinion, there’s a limit on breast size. Once they get to a certain point, they are no longer attractive and just become a freak show. The nipples look like McDonalds hot cakes, and they are full of veins and have that weird browning of the skin that you often see between the legs of morbidly obese people.

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Apr 21

Janet is about the only famous Jackson left that doesn’t totally look like some sort of mutant. Although if she gets any more work done on her face she may soon fall into that category too.

She’s still got a hard set of titties, as evidenced in the Superbowl nipple slip fiasco. She also got caught nude sunbathing a few years back. You can even see her cunthole as she happily plays the bongos on her ebony ass cheeks.

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